starsat receivers update 14/06/2018


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Download SR-8989HD_VEGA_V2.33
Download T14_EXTREME_V8542
Download SR-2020HD_EXTREME_V8516
Download SR-4070HD_V2.33
Download T13_EXTREME_V8542_
Download SR-2090HD_SUPER_V2.33_
Download SR-6969HD_VEGA_V2.33
Download SR-2090HD_NEW_V2.33
Download SR-90000HD_EXTREME_V8542
Download SR-6060HD_V2.33
Download SR-4090HD_V2.33
Download SR-4040HD_V2.33
Download SR-2090HD_PRIME_V2.33_
Download SR-6969HD_PRIME_V2.33
Download SR-8989HD_PRIME_V2.33
Download SR-4080HD_V2.33
Download SR-1515HD_PRIME_V2.33
Download NANO_V2.33
Download SR-4040HD_VEGA_V2.33
Download SR-5959HD_V2.33
Download SR-2090HD_VEGA_V2.33
Download SR-9990HD_V2.3

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