satcom receivers update 07/07/2018


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 Please choose the right software for the right brand STARCOM or SATCOM software
This update will work only on our devices
If you try to download this sw on others it will stop
All Our devices support Biss code +powervu +IKS and Dolby Enjoy
 New software SC-810 Mini HD
 V 202 5370 Support Wifi 5370
 V 202 7601 Support Wifi 7601
 New software SC-830 Mini HD
 V 202 5370+7601
New software SC-860/SC-880 Mini HD 
 V 201 support H265
 New software SC-1717 4G Mini HD
V 9.980 with installed EN or AR Channels 
New software SC-1070/1080 Mini HD 
V 9.980 Support 5370 Wifi 
V 9.986 Support 7601Wifi 
New software SC-1717 4G DDR3 Mini HD 
Only install software RAM DDR3. 
New software SC-1616+SC-2121 Mini HD 
 Fixed All bugs and added more paid IPTV service+Fixed MyHD VOD.
 SC-2020Mini+8080Plus+9797Plus HD
Fixed All bugs and added more paid IPTV service+ My HD VOD 
Fixed All bugs. 
New Software SC-1070+1080 Super 
 New Software SC-7+SC-9+SC-30+SC-40
New Software SC-6767+SC-6969 
New Software SC-111+SC-222 Super 

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