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how to install kodi on android devices and android tv-box

Installing Kodi on Android

you may want to know what is kodi? first

Getting the actual Kodi app on your phone or tablet is really simple, it’s available right there on the Google Play app store. Just search for ‘Kodi’ and it should appear at the top of the listings.

If you can’t find it for whatever reason, you can also install it directly from your browser.

Go to in the Google Chrome browser, tap on the Android icon. You’ll see a pop-up with Google Play and direct download links.

This link downloads the .apk installer file directly.

In an Android 8.0 phone you do this in Settings > Apps & Notifications > Special App Access > Install Unknown Apps. Select Chrome and then flick over the ‘Allow from this source’ slider – and we suggest tagging ‘this installation only’ to keep yourself safe in the future.

the navigate to the file location on you device and install it like you did so many time before

Installing Kodi on Android TV

Kodi is available on the Android TV version of Google Play too navigate with the remote to google play app

To search for Kodi you’ll most likely have to use the virtual typing the name of the aplication kodi

Finding Kodi is simple and just a few letters to punch in.

Installing the app should only take a few seconds if you have a fast internet connection.

like this we have covered the best possible ways to install kodi on all android devices out there.



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