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best android iptv applications 2019

best android iptv applications 2019

in the article we will cover some of the best android application that can help you watch iptv chnnels on your android devices.

1.IPTV Extreme 

this app has a layout like any other tvbox out there so it will be easy to use for anyone ,it works well on android smart tv you can use it to load steams from a link your hard drive or using mag portal .

easy to use iptv extreme is available for free or a paid pro version in my opinion is the best app to watch iptv.

follow this link to download the app from play store

2.Premium IPTV PRO :

Watch live IPTV streaming (TV, VOD, TV & Series Catchup channels of your Premium IPTV subscription from your Android TV Boxing (Mobiles, Android Boxes, Fire TV Stick etc.)!

Live, movies, TV series and TV series streaming. with the Ability to select external drives (VLC, MX player ..).

use this link to download the application from google app store

3.IPTV Smarters Pro :

The IPTV Smarters application allows you to watch live TV, video on demand, TV series and TV shows captured on their Android devices (Mobiles, Android Box, Fire TV Stick, etc.).

It’s the fast and ultimate IPTV free platform to enjoy your favorite entertainment.

you can download the app from here

4.Ola IPTV:

Ola Hitech IPTV application offers a large selection of TV channels broadcast over the Internet. watch your favorite bouquets on your TV without a satellite dish, no matter where you are on land!

Ola Hitech IPTV is currently the largest provider of international IPTV channels on the market. HITECH IPTV offers all channels French, Belgian, Swiss, Italian and Arab.

The list of bouquets continues to grow, with each addition, you will find the new channels directly in your device Ola Hitech IPTV applications, without any intervention necessary on your part.

you can download the app here

5.Simple IPTV:

Open IPTV channels and watch from the web or a local M3U playlist file. You will need M3U playlist to use this app.

If you do not have an M3U playlist, you can find in the web.

you can download the app here

6.IPTV Deluxe Pro:

Watch live IPTV streams (TV, VOD, TV & Series channels) get your IPTV Deluxe subscription from your Android TV Box (Mobile, Android Boxes, Fire TV Controller, etc.)

you can download the app from here

7.ATLAS PRO Ultimate :

ATLAS PRO Ultimate, is an application exclusively dedicated to ATLAS PRO subscribers, it is the first Multimedia portal offering both iptv and other TV services. Access to live TV.

you can download the app on app store  from here



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