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major online streaming service

major online streaming service

nowadays watching your favorite movies and tv shows is easier than ever . siting down and opening a streaming service on your phone or smart tv has never been easier .

today we are going to list some of the major streaming services available


Netflix doesn’t specify the number of movies and shows available in its library beyond just saying that its numbers in the thousands, which is vague but accurate. Netflix has the most robust content library of any streaming service out there.

Supported devices: Pretty much everything, from gaming consoles to streaming boxes to smart TVs and smartphones. Nearly every device and every app store have a Netflix app, and it’s even a quick key on most modern TV remotes.

and here you can download the netflix app for android devices

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon’s streaming site started off as a pay-per-view service but has expanded to include a large library of on-demand video streaming to Prime subscribers.

Supported devices: Most major set-top streaming boxes, including Amazon’s Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, as well as most major gaming consoles, tablets, and smartphones — with the stand-out exception being Chromecast, although there is a workaround for that.

and here you can download the netflix app for android devices


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